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Sunday, November 11, 2007

December 21 2012 Media Push - PLEASE HELP

Rumor is beginning to circulate around the Internet that soon the United States government, along with other world governments, will begin to limit and/or defame information associated with the events leading up to and including December 21 2012. This apparent attempt at censorship is due in part to the government's desire and perceived need to avoid possible mass hysteria and to curtail public upheaval and unrest of any kind. It is believed that these actions will be taken under the guise of homeland security and public safety. Many believe that the government has already taken some actions, and as a result you are not hearing more about this subject in the main stream media.

If the world governments are allowed to succeed in their attempts to cover up and/or discredit information pertaining to 2012, web sites such as December212012.com and others may be permanently shut down and the information removed completely. The main stream media will be strictly prohibited form reporting on the subject and documentaries such as the ones currently featured on The History Channel and The Discovery Channel will be unavailable for public viewing.

Until such time that the government chooses to intervene, it is, and will remain the sole purpose of December212012.com to inform, educate and enlighten as many people as possible about the coming events of 2012. It is our goal to provide the most accurate and up to date news, information and insight on this subject as well as provide information regarding the natural and man made events leading up to the December 21 2012 end date. In addition, this website and the information within are brought to you as a public service, and will never be subject to fees for membership or content viewing. The information contained on this site is proving to be much more important and vital to public interest then any financial gain could achieve.


As stated, the primary purpose of December212012.com is to inform as many people as possible about the coming events of 2012. It will soon become apparent to each of us that despite their best efforts and well intentions, we will not be able to depend on the government to provide us with basic knowledge and support in times of prolonged despair. The world governments do not and will not have the resources necessary to provide us with food, shelter and other basic essentials of life in times of wide spread need. As such, it is important that we come together in a worldwide effort to inform and educate those who are not currently aware of the troubles ahead.

In an effort towards solidarity and public awareness, my website has started collecting a list of names of people who support our efforts to inform the world of coming events. This list known as "The 2012 Believers List" will serve to insure individuals that they are not alone in their beliefs and knowledge that something incredible is about to occur. In addition, this list will serve as a petition to the world governments that we have a right to be and to stay informed of events that could influence our very existence.

I am inviting each and every person who visits December212012.com and finds inspiration, useful information and essential knowledge of 2012 to add their names to the "The 2012 Believers List".

In addition, I am asking all of our site visitors to contact their favorite news organization and encourage them to investigate and report on the theories, prophases, predictions and facts surrounding December 21 2012. Even if you are not yet a believer, I encourage you to still contact the media to address your concerns and misgivings on the subject.

Please visit "The 2012 Believers List" for direct media contact links.

Thank you for your support, and have a great day.



Sue said...

No one can stop how exciting it will be on 12/21/12. It's already called "My2K" because it will be like Y2K only with a Mayan cultural twist. I think it will be fun, even for people who are skeptical.

elisabeth klienert said...

tell me about Barak Obama

Khalid Al-Ajeel said...

john this is just bullshit do u seriously belive in this crap ok i'll bet you for 10 gran that there will be a 22 december 2012 and life will go on as we know im a Muslim and search about our judgment day and the last day try to read what we belive who knows one day you might be muslim if 2012 is just a atemt to make money from selling shirts and advertisments then this is just coruption in corprate america

Chris Night said...

Great place!
I have one: www.2012diciembre.com

In Spanish.

Best Regards!


Nightbiker said...

Well I don't buy it, but I certainly see nothing wrong with having some fun with it. My hobby is brewing beer (homebrewing), and in honor of the uh, 'my2k' I'm getting together with some other fellow homebrewers to make a beer that will be set aside to age until Dec. 21 2012. Just haven't decided what to call it. The beer will be a 'barleywine' (and possibly a trappist ale as a second) because these beers age very well due to their elevated alcohol content.
End Of Time Barleywine and Armageddon Ale are two names we have been thinking about.
I'll be sure to pop a top in your honor on the fated day!