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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

2012 and the economy

Do you know what “seigniorage” is?
Whether you do or not, you’re going to find this article very interesting.

Seigniorage – [seen-yer-ij] – The profit earned by a government on the issue of coins and notes (ie the difference between the face value of coins and notes and the costs of their production).

This article was originally published in August 2008. Considering the current state of the United States economy, I feel that its relevance has never been so significant.
By Phillip Tilley
Source: www.unexplained-mysteries.com

To solve a problem, you have to first know you have a problem. Most of us fail to recognize that in fact there is a problem, and there lies the problem. The problem is, we actually believe we are a free people living in a free country with a robust free market economy. We think we elect the government officials that run this country. This is what the New World Order wants you to think.

It’s closer to the truth to say that at the turn of the twentieth century, a group of monied elite overthrew the government of the United States. It has been said we have the best Congress money can buy, and certainly bribery, blackmail and betrayal are not new to American Government.

On December 23, 1913, during Christmas break, with most of the Congressmen home with their families, the monied elite in Congress that stayed in Washington D.C. passed the Federal Reserve Act. It was quickly signed into law before the other members of Congress could get back to Washington D.C. to do anything about it.

This is significant because up until then, the Constitution of the U.S. states that only the Treasury could issue legal money. They did this by minting gold and silver coins and printing Treasury Notes that were backed by gold and silver. Now however, this responsibility to issue legal tender currency (not money, currency) would be shared with a group of twelve privately owned banks that would collectively become known as the Federal Reserve, even though they were not Federal and had no reserve.

The Federal Reserve would be allowed to print and issue Federal Reserve Notes, a currency know as a fiat currency or backed by not gold or silver, but by nothing at all! Furthermore, if other banks needed additional funds, they had to request them from the Federal Reserve Bank in their area. Likewise banks were not allowed to keep excessive funds in their vaults. These had to be surrendered to the Federal Reserve Bank in their area. Now the Federal Reserve was in control of the Nations currency and money supply.

It wasn’t long before a rift started. When banks had an excess of funds, what they surrendered to the area Federal Reserve Bank was Federal Reserve Notes or other paper money. That was not what the Federal Reserve wanted. They wanted the gold and silver sent to them. So to punish the bankers who held out the good stuff from them, the next time those banks needed additional funds, the Federal Reserve refused to deliver them. This caused those banks to actually run out of money. The Federal Reserve actually put them out of business because they wouldn’t play ball with them.

Monied elite interests that controlled the media at the time, (and for the most part still do) leaked the fact that some banks were running out of money. This created a public panic and citizens rushed to their local banks to draw out their money. As banks funds ran low, the Federal Reserve would send funds only to those banks that had in the past surrendered gold and silver to them. They gave nothing to the other banks, thus putting their competition, those that opposed a worthless currency, out of business.

This went on for about a year and a half until President FDR was elected. Being one of the monied elite and in league with the Federal Reserve, FDR declared a banking emergency and shut down all banks in the Nation for six days. This of course predictably caused an even larger public panic. Banks were re-opened and FDR issued Executive Order #6120 which made it illegal to own gold as a private citizen. All gold was to be surrendered to the Treasury or the Federal Reserve.

Understand something here, the Government of this Nation is of the people, by the people and for the people. That means the Government owns nothing of its own, it is only entrusted with assets which belong to the people of this Nation. The Nations gold supply is really the peoples gold supply, that means you, all of you!

It is interesting that the Federal Reserve Banks did not want to accept their own Federal Reserve Notes. If a chef won’t eat their own cooking you shouldn’t either. For the job of controlling the Nations money supply, the Federal Reserve gets paid a fee known as Seigniorage. This fee is not paid to them in Federal Reserve Notes. They refuse to accept them as payment because they know they are worth nothing. They are paid in Gold Certificates which are redeemable for only one thing, GOLD! If gold isn’t real money, why is it important that it is the only payment the Federal Reserve will accept? Think about that, I mean really…think about it!

The whole conspiracy was sinister and slow. Take 1% of the Nations gold as payment every year so nobody will notice. 1% is a small amount for a year, however that only lasts 100 years before it is all gone. Remember the Federal Reserve Act was passed on December 23, 1913. That means that at or around December 21, 2012, the date the Mayan calendar predicts destruction of life because (the Earth will move), the Nation will run out of gold to pay the Federal Reserve.

Another term for the Earth moving is a shake-up or upheaval.

In case you are too poor to pay attention, this Nation is in an economic crisis, and every move being made doesn’t seem to be able to fix it. That’s because fake money (Federal Reserve Notes) do not act like real money. The mechanics that govern money do not work on the credit debt currency that we are forced to use. In a couple of years when we no longer have gold to pay the Federal Reserve, what do you suppose will happen?

The Federal Reserve has suggested combining the currencies of Canada, the U.S. and Mexico into one currency called the Amero. You would be able to exchange your Federal Reserve Notes for Amero at 10 dollars for one Amero. Think about that! That’s a ten to one reverse split and it may even be 15 or 20 to one if they can get away with it. That would make your Federal Reserve Notes worth about a nickel, but then truly it already is against the real dollar.

It is only going to get worse and complete collapse of our economy is eminent. Some people want the Money Matrix to continue because they feel warn and fuzzy and are comfortable where they are in the system. But just as in the movie “The Matrix” where Neo wants to pull the plug on the system, if you don’t wake up now, it will be too late. Wake up people, the Money Matrix has you!

Phillip Tilley is author of The Money Matrix of the New World Order
and other articles.

Article Copyright© Phillip Tilley – reproduced with permission.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

The 2012 Media Blackout

In a commencement speech given at Hampton University in Virginia, President Barack Hussein Obama stated that the students are “coming of age in a 24/7 media environment that bombards us with all kinds of content and exposes us to all kinds of arguments”. He goes on to say, “information becomes a distraction, a diversion, a form of entertainment, rather than a tool of empowerment”. These statements do not only discount our constitutional right to free speech, but directly attacks the very media that we depend on for information that could effect our continuing existence.

No less then six months ago I was receiving numerous interview requests from media outlets all over the world. My last international interview was with the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) back in February 2010, and my last U.S. interview was on The Peter Tilden Show, 790 KABC Radio, Los Angeles CA, in November 2009. As it stands, the only other interview requests I have received in 2010 have been from college and high schools students writing research papers about 2012.

Like most website, I receive much of my national and international 2012 related news leads from a variety of online and offline news services and alerts. Throughout the years leading up to 2010, these lead and related news stories were coming to me almost nonstop. As we approached 2010, the leads and news reports that I receive and pass along to my site visitors have almost completely come to a stop.

Many attributed this lack of media attention to the coming events of 2012 as a sign of disinterest and/or disbelief, which has been perpetrated by the federal government. Through a well-orchestrated diversionary plan, and in an attempt to dispel fear and prevent panic, the powers that by have offered up their own NASA sponsors scientists to debunk the theories, prophecies and predictions surrounding 2012. Despite their best efforts, their plans have not proven as successful as they had hoped and the media warnings about 2012 were continuing. In a last ditch effort to divert the publics attention away from the coming events, it appears that the government has now encouraged and perhaps instituted a media blackout on the entire subject.

Case in point. Over a year ago my wife and I were interviewed and invited to appear on the ABC reality show Wife Swap. We respectfully declined the offer fearing ridicule and public humiliation. However, a willing family was eventually found and the show was produced. The episode entitled, Cathrea/Stewart, was scheduled to air on April 16, 2010, but was pulled at the last possible minute. After a bit of research and with some help from my 2012 Facebook group friends, I eventually learned the following:

Officially ABC and Disney canceled the episode stating that they do not endorse nor give and credence to the potential cataclysmic events associated with the belief in 2012, and they will not air anything that may show them to endorse any fear based materials. If that was truly the case, then why did they produce the show in the first place?

Unofficially and according to a ABC affiliate representative, the show was reviewed by a 'government entity' that ordered the episode to be removed form all publications in the interest of national security. The statement went on to say, “the subject family’s beliefs ran very deep. They were making real plans for survival and were to disclose many of the theories pertaining to 2012. The show was deemed to be a national interest threat and could cause a potential global panic”. The statement went on to say that, “all-future television shows pertaining to 2012 are now subject to approval. The airing of existing and future shows and documentaries, must include an expert scientific disclaimer of impossibility and must be classified as fiction or fantasy”.

It appears that the government is deliberately trying to divert attention away from the coming events of 2012, especially from the ever-growing self-absorbed individuals who are already trapped in their own ignorance and tend to get their information about world events from shows like Wife Swap. In many ways this may be a good thing. These may not necessarily be the types of people we want to survive anyway.

For those of us who choose to be informed and recognize that the world is indeed changing, the government’s media blackout will not effect what we already know to be the truth. Despite the blackout, media personalities such as Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck and numerous radio talk show hosts are continuing to warn us about coming disasters. They may not specifically mention 2012, and now we know why, but they are without a doubt continuing to provide us with necessary information about a dismal future. It’s interesting to recognize that these same people are personally endorsing long-term survival resources such as food insurance and emergency seed banks. I do not see that as mere coincidence.

Fortunately many books are still being published on the subject, and independent documentaries are still bring developed to help educate us about the coming disasters. In addition and at least for now, the internet seems to be alive and well with websites, blogs, forums and videos dedicated to the coming events of 2012. As useful as all this information is to the masses, it appears that these online resources may also soon be in jeopardy. Through a series of proposed initiatives it appears that the government will soon institute regulation that could limit individuals from creating and posting information that could be perceived as a national security threat, but that is a story for another article.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Personal Seed Bank for 2012

In February 2008, Norway announced the opening of the "doomsday" seed vault. Built deep within an Arctic mountain in the remote Norwegian archipelago of Svalbard, this vault was built to protect millions of food crop seeds from climate change, wars and the coming man-made and natural disasters. Realizing that coming change is inevitable, officials from around the world have described the doomsday vault in terms such as “a Noah's Ark for securing biological diversity for future generations”, and “the frozen Garden of Eden”.

I personally see the construction of this seed vault to be a grand idea. Not only will the seeds provide select individuals with future food sources, but it also serves as an official acknowledgement that the world governments absolutely, with out a doubt know a global disaster is coming. What concerns me most is that the millions of frozen seeds housed within the doomsday seed vault will not be enough to adequately provide food to all whom survives the coming near destruction of human life. Also, how will these seeds be distributed and divided, and will we, as described by BP Chairman Carl-Henric Svanberg, “the small people” even be consider worthy to receive any of the seeds?

As it turns out, there are nearly 1,500 large seed banks owned and operated by organizations and governments around the world. In addition, personal seed banks purchased and stored by individuals to provide long term food sources for their own families are at an all time high. The importance of these personal seed banks has been promoted and encouraged by such prominent personalities as Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity who have stated that food seeds will eventually be more valuable then gold.

Like many of you, I am now stockpiling food, water and other disaster preparedness supplies. I do however realize that my supplies will only last a short while, and that a long-term solution for continuing survival is necessary. With that in mind, I decided that I too need a personal seed bank.

After much research and not being a gardener myself, I came to realize that not all seeds are suitable for long term storage and viability. You can’t just buy paper packages of seeds now and expect them to last long enough to produce the amount of food you and your family will needs in the future. Therefore, the best possible solution for me was the prepackaged Emergency Seed Bank.

Although there are a number of personal seed banks available now, I chose the Emergency Seed Bank for a variety of reasons. First and foremost was the price in comparison to the number of seeds I received. Like most of you, I am not rich and wanted the most seeds for my money. Next was the packaging. The seeds I received were packaged in a re-sealable, triple-layer, Mylar, airtight bag like the ones used in the doomsday vault. The individual packages are then put in a metal military grade, waterproof container for easy storage. Lastly, I liked the continuing support that this company provides in the form of newsletters, videos and how-to materials.

I’m not sure if there will ever come a time when I will actually have to use these seeds, but based on everything that is going on in the world today, I may need them sooner then I think.

Learn more about the Emergency Seed Bank